A fusion…

…of electromagnetism and fidelity

An extreme dedication to coil winding…

… to firmly bond it with the pursuit of finest fidelity of audio reproduction.

Welcome dear visitor!

What do you say? An output transformer for your top-end DHT tube amplifier? You’re another audiophile with a hunger for fidelity!
No? Then you probably need that hefty interstage transformer to drive that huge thoriated tungsten filament tube of yours?
Wait a second? Then what? An amorphous core power supply choke, so that you hear more of the finest details of your music, you say?

Hmmm.. well! I think you’ve come to the right place, then! Or, have you really?

Yes, this is probably the right shack, uhm, place. It is where an never ending battle of the finest craftsmanship and combination of materials will forge you the ultimate fidelity electromagnetic product!

You’ve read so far, so I probably picked up your attention? The art of making a transformer for audio purposes is taken to the greatest depths. So, I wrote an article on my personal philosophy for audio transformers! Check it out!

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